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The hairsprings that we deliver have passed the chronometry test (COSC). The highest level of the CTE (thermoelastic constant) is attained, and our manufacturing process guarantees perfect reproducibility.


Our second challenge was the development of the manufacturing technology of the mainsprings. This spring is the " reservoir of energy " of the movement of a mechanical watch.

Surface treatments

We also carry out heat treatments and galvanic deposition on all types of substrates. In addition, we perform part finishing work (deburring, polishing ...)



Springs ready for delivery

Metal bars

Laminated wire


For any request relating to the flat springs, please fill in the sheet for contact contact form

We continued our work to develop spirals in three dimensions :

Finished products


The manufacture of this spring is carried out in a sequence of numerous stages which consists of:

- the manufacture of blank wire,
- the shaping,
- heat treatment,
- dimensional control.

Cylindrical springs

The cylindrical spiral, unlike the generally used spirals, does not swing on a plane level from front to back, but relaxes and contracts in raised rotation along the length of a vertical axis, as if it were following the thread of a screw. A second advantage of the cylindrical spiral is its completely concentric and symmetrical development.

Spherical SPRINGS

Spherically-shaped springs are parts that have a very attractive appearance and improve isochronism when compared with flat spirals. Our parts have been installed in a prestigious Swiss watchmaking company's high-end movements.


We propose a variant that is spiral colouring. The spherical and cylindrical spirals can be coloured without modifying their physical and mechanical properties: purple, golden yellow, etc.





We work our own alloy, Nivarox and developed alloys according to our clients' specifications.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Spherical spring used in fine watchmaking

Ongoing developments

To overcome the magnetic sensitivity problems of nickel-based alloys and increase the impact resistance, we are working on new paramagnetic alloys.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Our second challenge was the development of the manufacturing technology of the mainsprings. This spring is the " reservoir of energy " of the movement of a mechanical watch.
We produce 2 types of mainspring:
- the self-winding mainspring which is reassembled by an automatic oscillating weight device,
- the manual winding barrel spring which is wound by the rotation of the crown.

Automatic Mainspring

Manual Mainspring

Coil of drawn wire

Laces in the shape of a shell

The material used to craft our barrel springs is Nivaflex.

All the manufacturing steps have been validated by Metalab. Our springs were first tested internally. We then supplied various Swiss watch manufacturers who validated our production. The productivity of our mainsprings are exceptional. For all inquiries regarding mainsprings, please complete the form below: form

Winding and unwinding curve of an automatic spring.

Surface treatments and HEAT treatments


Quenched and tempered screws

Thermal treatments

We are equipped with modern facilities to carry out quality heat treatments.
We offer you:
– Quenched in gas or under vacuum
– Tempered under gas or under vacuum 
- Structural hardening (CuBe, durnico, ...)
- Annealing of alloys before machining 
- Autres ...

Bulk polishing on 20AP steel

Surface finishes

The processes used have been adapted for micro-technical parts that require functionality and aesthetics in order to satisfy your customers and enhance your production.
We produce the following finishes:
– Fine polishing of parts (including fine teeth)
- Chemical polishing on coppery alloy
- Chemical deburring of the steel
(type 20AP...)
- Elimination of oxidation
- Others.....

Nickel-plated micro-magnets

Galvanic deposits

Our work processes vary according to the needs of each part. We therefore work either part by part or in batches. We process steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, and sintered materials.
The galvanic coatings we provide are: 
- Electro-chemical nickel plating
- Chemical nickel-plating
- Gold plating, colouring process 2N18
- Tin-plating
- Autres ...

We have strong experience and know-how in the processing of sintered materials such as micro-magnets.

Our company can provide you with the following additional services:

  • Adhesion tests: thermal shocks, peeling
  • Characterization of the deposited layers: distribution, morphology of the layer, thicknesses
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Scanning electron microscope image of a metallographic section: multi-layered deposit